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Classic Caps
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Classic Caps

Classic Caps

Hello! This is a screencapping community of only classic movies. Here you can share and request screencaps of various classic movies. What are screencaps good for? Well, to make icons and other graphics with them to decorate your LiveJournal, blog, or website. :)

Borrowing from cap_it: A screencap is an unaltered image captured from a video source. They are not resized, cropped, or otherwise adjusted, unless the adjustments improve the image's quality.

Classic movies are considered to be films made up to 1970 [however, I know there are some movies made in the 70s that are considered to be classic, so I'll let some slip through :)]

The memories section is here - it is divided in two parts: Screencaps and Requests

In Screencaps you'll find all the posts where the screencaps will be found.

In Requests you'll find all the posts of people requesting screencaps.

Classic Caps

1. Do be courteous - this is a friendly community where all are welcome. Rudeness and "bashing" of another member/manager will not be tolerated. Please treat others kindly as most of you wish to be treated. The Golden Rule applies here, folks! Any violation of the rule, and you'll be banned.

2. Please type normally - no 'netspeak' or 'sticky caps' - I assure you that if you type like that, you'll make people's heads bleed.

3. Absolutely no promoting of communities that do not have to do with classic movies/classic hollywood - if I catch any promoting of communities that violate this rule, I'll delete the post and ban you - I'm very sure not everyone enjoys that sort of spam.

4. When using other people's screencaps, please be sure to comment and credit them - that's the least you can do for all the hard work and time they've taken in getting those screencaps.

When posting screencaps

5. When posting your screencaps, please post in the subject line the title of the movie - I'm asking you this so I can organize this in the 'memories' section :)

6. Be kind to other people's friends list, so we're going to ask you to please put any samples of your screencaps beneath a cut - if you don't know how to make an LJ cut, please click here.

7. One movie per post, please, so it'll be easier for me when I put them in the memories section. :)

When requesting screencaps

8. Before you make a request,please check the 'memories' section - we ask you to do this so there won't be repeated requests of a film - avoids spam :)

9. When making a request, please put the name of the film in the subject line so again, I can organize this in the 'memories' section :)

10. The only time you're allowed to request a movie that's already been screencapped is if there are no longer screencaps of that movie in the community, i.e. the links to the screencaps are dead

Any questions or concerns, just contact me, stellypippin and I'll be glad to help. :)